Today’s best Interactive, affordable robots from kids to pets

Affordable Robots 1:Anki Vector Robots

The robot is only a little less than three inches tall. This little home robot is packed with personality. It’s always on, fully autonomous, and capable of performing around 1,000 different animations. Vector can also react to his environment in a way that’s disarmingly lifelike. That includes being able to recognize specific people with an HD camera built in or reacting to their touch with a capacitive touch sensor on their back.

Affordable Robots 2:Miko 3

The Miko 3 is an “advanced personal robot for kids.” It looks very friendly, with a moving face and a body that stands up straight. The Miko uses computer vision to see faces, objects, and the environment around them and remember them.

Affordable Robots 3:Rocki Robot

The Miko is for kids, but the Rocki Robot is only for pets. It’s a way to stay in touch with your pets even when you’re not there. Rocki has everything: it feeds your pet automatically; you can attach different toys to it; and it has a camera so you can check on your pet when you’re not at home. It’s not a home robot that can do everything, but rather one that does one thing very well.

Affordable Robots 4:Enabot Ebo Pro

The Enabot Ebo Pro is a cute home robot that helps keep your home safe. It uses powerful AI to recognize faces, but not just those of people. The Ebo Pro can also learn the faces of your pets. This lets it follow your pet around the house so you can play with it and keep an eye on it. Even without a command from you, the Ebo Pro can record short video clips, which it then sends to your phone.

Affordable Robots 5:Samsung Jet Bot Ai+

The robot vacuum Samsung Jet Bot AI+ does more than just clean. With its built-in camera, which can stream through the SmartThings app while it cleans, the Jet Bot AI+ can patrol your home and keep an eye out for trouble. This thing looks more like a robot tank than a vacuum because its wheels look like treads. Even though it’s sure to get people’s attention, it doesn’t look like it has a camera inside. In a way, this makes it one of the best home security systems you can buy. Most likely, a thief wouldn’t know they were being watched.

Affordable Robots 6: Amazon’s Astro

Amazon said that Astro, which is like Alexa on wheels, can keep an eye on your elderly and young family members, keep an eye on your home security, and be at your beck and call for all your Alexa-command needs.



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